Mission Statement

“Building friendship between God and Man”
2 Corinthians 5:18

How We Want To Achieve This

  • We shall utilize all avenues to reach men and women of all nations and cultures with the good news with the aim of getting them saved. John3:16

  • We shall create awareness within the new membership of our church to know that salvation is the first step towards Christian maturity. Ephesians.4:13

  • We shall preach the gospel of Christ in its totality.

  • We shall seek to develop the grace apportioned each member by Christ to function within and outside the church. Eph.4:7

  • We will encourage members to participate fully in the great commission as given by Christ Jesus by making houses; streets and every place man is found a viable pulpit. Matt.28:19-20

  • WPCC will train all classes and categories of ministers.

  • WPCC will ordain ministers who will in turn function within the apostolic gifts as given by the church.

  • WPCC will plant new churches in all Nations and cultures of the world.

  • WPCC will conduct leadership and mission conference in the foreign Nations.

  • WPCC will seek to develop godly characters in young men and women seeking to serve God and humanity through their professions and calling in the market place including politics.